Adventure Parks

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An adventure park

is a park with trees, regulated by the recent laws UNI 155670-1 and 2, equipped to offer a new environmentally friendly activity

that provides playful, sporting and emotional engagement.
It includes a series of rope courses that are hanging between high trees,

cables (lifelines) and wooden platforms on which users, with the help of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), move in full safety to gradually reach increasing heights and difficulties. In each park users of all ages will be able to choose the type of rope course that best suits their capabilities.

It’s an activity that makes you “walk in the air” while fully safe.

While aiming at an entertaining activity, it combines the following features:

– sports and nature
– adventure and safety
– individual independence and group activity – play and discovery

Gaining great success among families, but especially among the young ones. In an adventure park children, teenagers and adults alike can play and climb on tree canopies, discovering the emotion of being in contact with nature from a totally new angle.

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