According to the studies carried out in recent years, the main reasons that drive people to organise their holidays are the change from daily routines, the need to rediscover the meaning of spending time with the family and socialising, and the need to get away from stress and modern life.Un giorno al Parco

Nowadays tourists tend to prefer holidays that offer pleasure and strong emotions first of all. This is the reason why entertainment must sometime satisfy contradictory needs:

– Need for strong emotions, but in total safety
– Desire of independence but within a group
– Attachment to the family but also individualism

Activity stimulates in all, young and old, one’s imagination, the finding and overcoming one’s limits through a new experience that is safe and engaging.

Private users (adults, teenagers and children) are an important element, but the park is an excellent way for combining games and education also for school children, athletes, associations as well as the disabled.







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